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Workshops and Programs for Schools, Leaders and Staff

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The Compassionate Teacher:
Two School Workshops Available

1. The AWARE Teacher: Well Ways of Working in the Classroom

School life has changed, and teachers and leaders need new skills to cope well and flourish. The AWARE Teacher workshop shares Australian evidence-based, real-time strategies teachers and leaders can use in their workspaces to maintain and grow their wellbeing despite ongoing challenges, and build a sustainable hope-filled, compassionate approach to their working life. During The AWARE Teacher workshop, staff learn well ways of working, including:

  • How to tune in to thoughts, feelings and body messages

  • How to apply the neurobiology of stress and coping in

       the classroom

  • The importance of ‘compassion satisfaction’ and knowing

        what is enough

  • Key real-time restoration strategies

  • How to engage well with others to support wellbeing.

Timing: 90 minutes – 5 hours (workshop can be tailored to available time, and also delivered over multiple sessions)

Bookings: Please email with your preferred time and date or for more information

2. Building Resilience Together: Individual and Collective Wellbeing in our School

Building Resilience Together includes The AWARE Teacher, plus an additional module on collective wellbeing as a school community.

Timing: 2 hours – 5 hours (workshop can be tailored to available time, and also delivered over multiple sessions)

Bookings: Please email with your preferred time and date or for more information



The Compassionate Leader

The Compassionate Leader is a new four session program for Australian school leadership teams. Led by psychologist Melinda Phillips, the program incorporates The AWARE Teacher focus on supporting emotional literacy, self regulation and wellbeing for self and others within a relational leadership context at the individual, team and school level.  

In addition, the program takes a deep dive into the organisational levers that can be used in schools to boost wellbeing and support flourishing, including climate, culture and communication. 

Optional inclusion:  the established and well regarded Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey to discover each participants’ wellbeing baseline and a confidential debriefing session for each team member.



All participants are welcome to join the Compassionate Schools Community of Practice (School Leaders) as part of the program.

Duration:   Four 60 minute sessions (can be tailored if required). 
Dates:         Term 3 2024 dates/times are being finalised, email for further details.

Location:   Online via zoom, in-person facilitation also available. 

The Compassionate School


The Compassionate School: Staff Wellbeing Program utilises an action planning model to collect data from all staff using a staff wellbeing questionnaire and/or focus groups.

School leadership are then supported by a facilitated leadership workshop to analyse data and develop and refine targeted school-based strategies for staff wellbeing to complement The AWARE Teacher and Building Resilience workshops, delivered throughout the year. 

Coaching support is also provided to leadership (one session per term) for another 1-3 terms to support the workshops, embed targeted strategies and review school progress.

Location:  Online or F2F for workshops and leadership workshop. Online coaching.

Contact:    Email for more details or to book a meeting to learn more.

The Compassionate Teacher

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For counselling, coaching and supervision support, click here.

Compassionate Schools leaves

Compassionate Schools acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which we work, and pay our respects to the Indigenous Elders past, present and emerging.


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